Summer 2019, June 3 to July 26

Department of Statistics & Data Science

Carnegie Mellon University

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The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Statistics provides participants with hands-on experience working with real data, on real problems, in a stimulating, collaborative, and supportive environment.

The Department of Statistics & Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University is world-renowned for the quality and depth of its collaborations with disciplines ranging from astronomy to genetics to neuroscience to education to finance. Participants in this program will engage with the faculty and graduate students actively involved with these projects. Students will work in small groups, under the supervision of an advisor and with assistance from PhD students in the department.

For 2019, the program theme is “Data Science in Sports Analytics”. Carnegie Mellon Statistics & Data Science is very active in sports analytics at both the undergraduate and graduate level and collaborates with professional and academic analysts across several sports. Information about the annual Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference can be found at

There will be a variety of sports analytics projects, some of which are sponsored by professional sports organizations and related companies. Students will have opportunities to learn from guest experts in the field and gain first hand experience in modern sports analytics.

The program will start on June 3rd and end on July 26th.


Comments from students regarding past programs included the following:

"This was my first real experience working with real data. I was able to learn how to work with data on a level that I had not been exposed to before. It was also a very motivating environment being around like-minded students. I felt that I learned a lot about Statistics and it greatly increased my interest in the field."

"I feel very excited to utilize the knowledge and skills I gained from the program in future courses and projects. I also learned from the program that I am passionate about Statistics and should look more into attending graduate school."

"I enjoyed having access to professors who were knowledgeable about a variety of Statistics Ph.D. programs and who were willing to give advice to each of the students."

"I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the friendliness of CMU. The professors don't seem to project stress onto the students and it feels like true collaboration between the students and the faculty."


Participants will receive a stipend of $4000. This is provided to cover all travel and living expenses while participating in the program.

Housing Support: Students will be provided with housing through CMU.


The program is open to any undergraduates who are based at U.S. institutions, entering their junior or senior year in Fall 2019. There are no specific course prerequisites, we only require an interest in learning about modern approaches to statistical inference in data-rich fields of application. Experience in sports analytics is not required.

How to Apply

Interested students should fill out the application form below by Friday March 8th for full consideration.

Application Form

First round acceptances will be sent the week of March 18th. Students will be asked to commit to attending the program by a specific deadline for both planning purposes and management of the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for the program?
There are no specific courses required, but it is anticipated participants will have taken at least one Statistics course. We are mainly looking for students who are interested in learning more about Statistics, and in participating in research.

Is the program only open to students majoring in Statistics?
No! We welcome applications from students from all areas of study. One of our objectives is to encourage students with curiousity of data analysis, even if they lack a strong background in that area.

Can I receive academic credit for the program?
You should discuss this with your home institution. We certainly believe that the content of the program is deserving of academic credit; you will be learning about statistical methods and computing, among other things. We are happy to help with any paperwork, etc. needed to facilitate students receiving credit.

Can I apply if I am going to graduate in Spring 2019?
Unfortunately, no. The program is only open to students enrolled during the time of the program.

Can I apply if I am a currently a freshman?
We will consider your application, but keep in mind that preference will be given to juniors and sophomores. Of course, we encourage you to reapply next year!

Can I apply to work on a particular project, or with a particular professor?
No. You should not enter into the program with a specific expectation as to what the project topic or whom the advisor will be. The benefit of the program is the general exposure to collaborative Statistics research. We work to create three or four interesting projects around the program's theme, and allow students to express a preference when they arrive, after they hear details of the projects.

Please email us with additional questions at